Yes, I am one of those women who runs their own business from home, partly because it gives me more flexibility in terms of being here for my children. So how does that work out in the long summer school holidays? Here’s how:

The Good:
The weather is so beautiful I am sneaking outside into the garden to soak up the sun during coffee and lunch breaks (OK, the breaks are also a little longer than normal but we so rarely see the sun!)
My kids are that little bit older now so I can give them some of the household chores to do which makes the load a little lighter…..

The Bad:
It can be a little stressful actually getting them to do those chores (solution: no TV, No Playstation, No nothing until the jobs are done). Also, running the kids up and down the road to their various summer activities is seriously eating in to my work time….

The Ugly:
It just doesn’t feel right sitting at my desk when out the window I can see the full car park at our beautiful blue flag beach and hear the sounds of people splashing in the water. Some days self-discipline just takes that bit more effort!