Is your business too small to support a full-time Financial Controller? What if you could have all the benefits of an FC at a fraction of the cost? What if the service included instant online access to your monthly accounts from your mobile devices when you are on the go?

Enter, the Virtual Financial Controller – a new package launched today by Ireland’s first online accountancy website, Accountant Online. Owner Larissa Feeney says the package is aimed at owner/managers of SME’s who have an accounting department but can’t justify the costs of a full-time FC.

“These include the self-employed, plus small and medium sized companies who need accurate record keeping that allows them to remain compliant and – more critically – to track and grow their business. For example, if you run a small hotel or hospitality business, then this package will give you the data you need in real time to keep track of profit margins on food & drink, occupancy levels and staff costs.”

Larissa has a clear idea of how the VFC will help a range of small businesses. “It will cover all the essentials like keeping track of slow paying debtors, ensuring invoices and statements are sent out on time, monitoring accurate payment of their own creditors, and keeping up with all employee expenses and salaries. “

“These are all essential to the smooth running of a business but if you want to grow your business you need more. This is where the VFC comes in, as it can also track margins across product ranges, control costs, identity areas of concern early and – most vital of all for survival and growth – control cash flow.”

For most businesses, their main challenge is slow-paying debtors. “You can have a great business, with high turnover and profit margins, but still face major issues with your cash flow,” says Larissa. “With the VFC package, we can help ensure that your accounts receivable function is run as effectively as possible.”

So how does the package work? Larissa Feeney and her team will work with you to devise the right software solutions for your business size and type. In partnership with your accounts staff, they will create monthly management accounts, including tailored reports for your business and monitor compliance issues such as VAT and PAYE.

“You will have ongoing and instant access to monthly accounts from then on, including online access for staff on the move – or owners who want to keep an eye on the finances even when they are on holidays! The package includes Monthly or Quarterly Accounts, Annual financial Statements, Annual Corporation Tax Returns, and Annual CRO Returns, VAT and PAYE supervision and we keep in touch with you through monthly meetings in person, or via phone/Skype calls.”

Packages start from just €450 plus VAT per month. To find out more call 1890 100 200 or email