Strata Financial won the ‘Employer of the Year’ award at the Irish Accountancy Awards in Dublin last night. “It was an incredible achievement to gain national recognition from our industry for a firm launched just two years ago,” said partner Dominic Kelly.

“We are especially proud that the award is for ‘Employer of the Year’. One of our core aims from the start was for Strata Financial to be a great place to work.”

About the Employer of the Year Award

The Employer of the Year award recognises an organisation which “best demonstrates an excellent working environment for accountancy or finance professionals.”

At our heart, Strata Financial is a team, says Dominic Kelly. “It is critically important to us that all team members are properly trained, engaged, remunerated, and incentivised. This leaves us better placed to focus on delivering excellence to our clients.”

Gender Equality and Diversity

Strata Financial has a 50/50 male to female partner split, a 0% gender pay gap, and the team is 52% women. “We treasure diversity and take pride that we have team members from all over the world,” says Dominic.

“At Strata Financial, we also ensure that we provide industry leading packages to all staff. This includes pension schemes, medical insurance, and in 2023, we introduced additional leave for everyone. We actively encourage and support all employees to pursue their career development.”

Career Development at Strata Financial

Development is focused on continual professional development (CPD) and education. The firm has clearly defined paths to partner level for all staff. Strata achieved Gold status as a training firm by ACCA, a global body for professional accountants. This level of approval is awarded to learning providers who offer tuition for ACCA. Gold learning partners are required to meet ACCA’s global best practice benchmarks. These relate to the institution and course management, course delivery and student support.

The ACCA Approved Employer Programme recognises employers’ high standards of staff training and development. “It is a statement that our team offer the best professional, technical, and ethical skills to add value and drive forward our employees’ careers,” says Dominic Kelly. “It is a commitment to staff – current and future – that we support their ongoing training and development.

The growing accountancy firm says their dedication to a team-based approach helped them become one of Ireland’s Top 20 firms in 2023 (Finance Dublin).

“We are immensely proud to be awarded Employer of the Year at the Irish Accountancy Awards,” says Dominic Kelly. “It acknowledges the commitment and ongoing efforts we make to ensure Strata Financial is a great place to work. As a growing firm with a clearly defined growth strategy, recruitment is key. The award of Employer of the Year will also help us attract top talent to realise our ambitions.”

Working for Strata Financial – the Inside Track

This is what our employees have to say:

“Being a career driven, ambitious and determined working Mam of two toddler boys, the flexibility and opportunities provided by Strata allows me to balance my career & home life ensuring the two most important aspects of my life are getting the most from me. The variety of industries we service at Strata is also a massive advantage of working here.

When I was looking to move to progress my career, the ratio of female to male partners at Strata was massively attractive. It is very inspiring and encouraging seeing a firm being led by women and shows that despite being a mother, partner, or wife, you can achieve these heights in your career and that the opportunities for this progression are given at Strata.

The exposure you receive to such a variety of clients and industries is not only second two none for trainees going through their training contract but also for the experienced. Every day you are learning, developing, and facing new challenges. This along with the supportive and collaborative environment really makes Strata a great place to work” Leanne Black, Senior Manager

“Since starting with Strata Financial two years ago, I have been exposed to many different service areas and challenges. The partners give me the support and development I need to progress in my career and take on challenges, headfirst” Craig Smith, Level 2 Trainee Accountant

“Starting at Strata straight from college, I was given a magnitude of opportunities and a variety of clients and industries, with constant guidance towards my professional development. Then, throughout my studies to become a qualified accountant I was given the support and flexibility I needed. Now fully qualified, I feel the entire experience has made me a well-rounded accountant, continuing to learn, grow and improve daily within a collaborative environment” Dylan McEvoy, Assistant Manager

“Leaders and managers at Strata Financial understand the necessity to be inclusive. They embrace diversity and it creates a positive work environment and atmosphere for everyone” Fabíola Trindade Amorim Brito, Level 2 Trainee Accountant

“Strata Financial has given me great exposure to key career areas, fostering continuous learning and training opportunities. Being part of a supportive team has truly enriched my professional experience” Stefany Imthurm, Level 2 Trainee Accountant


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