Spraoi agus Sport online events for mums and babies are so popular, they’re attracting emigrants from as far away as Texas and Toronto. That’s according to the social enterprise centre’s manager, Eimear McLaughlin, who says they are launching a new programme of events to run from 5th May to 11th June.

“The new programme of 11 courses and workshops covers everything from baby massage and mother and baby yoga, to weaning and toilet training. They are open to any mums, at home or abroad! But classes will be limited to a maximum of 10, so you need to sign up quickly.”

Covid restrictions are hard on everyone,” says Eimear, “but can be particularly isolating for mothers of babies and toddlers. This programme allows everyone to participate from their own homes.”

Eimear says they ran 10 online baby events in February and were delighted that they were hugely popular and highly beneficial to parents and children. “They incorporated learning, bonding with the baby, and minding your mental health as a parent. They also provided a comfortable platform for new parents to meet with others going through the same experiences in lockdown.”

Helen Nolan is Co-Founder & CEO of the award-winning Spraoi agus Sport in Carndonagh, one of Ireland’s leading social enterprise agencies. “Since the beginning the core of our work has always been to support young families. As this pandemic continues to rumble on, we knew we needed to provide that support online.”

Helen says the amazing response to their online baby events prompted them to create this new programme.

“We had mums join us from not only Inishowen, but Tipperary, Kerry, Sligo and Leitrim too. We even went international with babies joining us from New York, Texas, and Toronto. Our events are providing an opportunity for the Diaspora to connect with friends and family in Ireland who have a baby too.”

The new programme offers courses in Baby Reflexology, Baby Massage, Mother and Baby Yoga, Babies and Toddlers Music and Singing, and Mothers Together. In addition, there are workshops on Toilet Training, Weaning, Minding Me and Managing Children’s Behaviour. You can book online here or go to the Home Page of www.spraoiagussport.ie For enquiries, you can email bookings@spraoiagussport.ie or call +353 74 9373303

Notes to Editors:

FULL LINK FOR BOOKING: https://spraoi-agus-sport.class4kids.ie/term/237https://spraoi-agus-sport.class4kids.ie/term/237

ABOUT SPRAOI AGUS SPORT: Spraoi agus Spórt is a social enterprise based in Carndonagh, Inishowen, Co. Donegal and founded in 2010. They provide excellent social, recreational and educational activities for the community, focused on family development and bringing social, recreational and economic benefits to the area. They have 15 volunteers and serve around 600 participants in their activities every week. Awards they have won include:

  • 2020 Winner Pride of Place – Community Well-Being Initiative
  • 2019 & 2018 Winner Social Enterprise of the Year at the Charity Impact Awards
  • 2019 Social Enterprise Development Fund Awardee with Rethink Ireland

To contact Spraoi agus Sport, please email manager Eimear McLaughlin at eimear@spraoiagussport.ie or call her on +353 85 2580083. Further information on their website also: www.spraoiagussport.ie