PR for Startups
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Good PR is an effective and affordable way of marketing your business to boost growth and profits


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If you’re a small business or a recent start-up, you’re probably on a tight marketing budget.

You may lack the time and in-house skills to promote your business effectively.

Then choose PR: it’s a cost-effective and authentic way to reach bigger audiences and boost your business growth and profits

What PR can do for SMEs


Public Relations is about marketing your business through the media and online via your website and social media.

It's not just for celebrities, political spin doctors and large corporates

PR is a cost effective, organic and authentic way to reach your target audiences

It delivers measurable results in terms of audiences reached and value for money

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A Strategic Approach

Start with a PR Strategy, so you’re clear about where you want to take your business. This gives you a powerful marketing resource.


Website Content

Quality website content communicates clearer messages. It also boosts your rankings on Google and other search engines.


Media Coverage

Media coverage is a more authentic way to communicate. Print or online articles carry much more weight with audiences than ads.


Social Media

Using social media platforms strategically can raise your business profile. It also promotes key selling messages from your website, and drives more traffic there.

Here are three examples of the kinds of results we can achieve for you with PR:

PR at local level

At local level:

One local news release costing less than €300 delivered an audience reach of 600,000 and media coverage worth over €3,200 – more than 10 times the cost of the PR.

PR at national level

At national level:

B&B Ireland: PR for two events generated combined print, broadcast and online audiences of over 7.4 million. We secured high profile media interviews on stations and programmes such as RTE Nationwide, Morning Ireland, TVAM, RTE News, Today FM, Newstalk, and an island-wide range of local and national print and broadcast media.

PR at international level

At international level:

The PR we delivered for the Donegal Connect project, reached global audiences of almost 70m and secured media coverage worth over €250,000

Use our unique Inis PR Toolkit to help create your PR campaigns

We believe PR is a core component of an effective business marketing strategy, if you are serious about growing your business. Our online Toolkit aims to make PR an accessable ‘must-have’ instead of a costly luxury.


PR Toolkit

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SME News

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