Social Media

Creating quality social media content can take time or skills you and your staff simply don’t have.

We have over 10 years’ experience in social media content and management.

Quality Content

  • We work with our PR clients to develop the right social media strategy for your business, which integrates with and supports your wider PR strategy.
  • We create a Content Template using in-house tools we have developed for the job.
  • We develop sets of key messages to promote your business or organisation.
  • We balance this with the right news to engage and attract your target audiences, to create the perfect content mix.

Effective Management

  • Our social media management services cover all posting and can also include images & graphics, and message monitoring & responses.
  • With our editorial experience, we use the best writing style to match your business.
  • We create news to promote your key selling message, and harness breaking news too. And we engage with key influencers and your potential customers.
  • We integrate social media campaigns with your broader online and offline PR campaigns and plans

Positive Results

  • Our social media management can increase traffic to your website. But we can also grow your audience online through social media platforms – aside from your web presence.
  • Social media accounts we manage assist with e.g. recruitment, sales, and phone & email enquiries.  They can also allow you to engage directly with your audience for invaluable feedback.

An Authentic Voice Online

Your social media content represents your business or organisation to the public online every day. So, it needs to reflect your brand, values and messages and integrate with  all your PR and marketing efforts.

We work with you to create a content map to guide social media content and engagement. We develop the right mix of content to promote your business and attract your audience in an authentic voice. 

What We Offer

We start by working with you to create a content map to act as a guide, based on your strategic PR needs and plans.

We develop key selling messages which can drive clients to your website or blog. 

We integrate selling messages with a balanced a mix of relevant news and other content.

We use a combination of live and scheduled messages.

We use tags, hashtags and sharing to increase engagement with others 

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