With big business and its role in our economic crisis still under close scrutiny, is it time now for a new business culture which puts values and vision at centre stage?  This is the question posed by Irish business growth expert, Paul Davis, in his new book EVOLVE, which was launched by Senator Feargal Quinn in The Cliff Town House, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin this week. 

As a leading business development and growth specialist in Ireland, a management accountant and a certified management consultant, Paul Davis’ work with hundreds of businesses over the years has led him to believe that everyone has it within themselves to truly succeed in business – to truly succeed.

 In EVOLVE, which has been acclaimed by Senator Quinn and Ian Talbot of Chambers Ireland, Paul shows us that there is a blueprint for success.  

The book has also been commended by Tina Roche, CEO of Business in the Community.  “For some unknown reason, during the last decade many people parked their values at the door of the job and gave in to the call of Mammon,” says Tina.  “This has led directly to the times of high anxiety we live in. Now people are once again examining their values. Are the principles we espouse carried through in the practice and behaviours? Paul addresses these questions and comes up with interesting conclusions.” 

 According to Paul Davis, “when we lift the veil on who we are as individuals and marry that with our business skills, then we have the ability to reach our full potential.  By working with this inner knowing and applying the principles outlined in this book, you can build a successful business. If you get these foundations right, you will have a business that is sustainable for years into the future.  From this evolved space, you can make a real difference in your organisations as leaders.”

 “Many of Paul Davis’s concepts will resonate with readers as elements they bring, or aspire to bring, to their own business lives but his new book EVOLVE gives a context and holistic approach which will be invaluable and inspirational,” says CEO of Chambers Ireland, Ian Talbot. 

Senator Feargal Quinn says the book “reminds us that successful businesses are those that make a profit while at the same time bringing benefits to the wider community. To enable employees to ‘get up in the morning looking forward to coming to work’ is an objective that every business can strive to achieve because, with that spirit, everyone wins, including customers!” 

Scientist and author, Dr David R Hamilton, says that what Paul explains in this book “is how you can harness the forces of destiny and the power of your thoughts so as to reach your own success in business and more importantly in life to make this a better world.” 

“Rarely do we get an opportunity to obtain the insights of a successful business growth specialist,” says publisher Brian O’Kane of Oak Tree Press.  “This book opens us up to a world of possibilities that are often ignored in a business context, although they are critical both for businesses and for businesspeople personally as we EVOLVE in the way we do business.”


EVOLVE: Look within Yourself for Business Success by Paul Davis is published by Oak Tree Press €12.95.

www.thebookevolve.com / www.oaktreepress.com


More about Paul Davis:

 Paul Davis FCMA CMC is a leading business growth specialist and trusted advisor in Ireland, and has turned every loss-making business he has worked with into profit. He is known for being a classic lateral thinker, for his strong commercial acumen, and his exceptional ability to identify the constraints of a business. He takes a down-to-earth approach, and quickly implements plans for change within an organisation and its individuals.


Combining his unique abilities with his business growth expertise and practical approach to developing businesses, he is a positive force to be utilised by businesses who want to gain a competitive advantage.  Having trained as a Management Accountant and become a Certified Management Consultant, Paul worked across a wide-range of industry sectors, including: consultancy, construction, high- and low-tech manufacturing, service, and nationwide retail, before setting up Davis Business Consultants.

 Clients say that his straight talking solid advice provides them with inspiration and motivation and with the tools to succeed.  They also describe Paul’s hit rate as “awesome,” “amazing,” “unbelievably accurate.” Some go so far as to say they will not make an important business decision without consulting him first!

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