The Port and Harbour Commissioners are wishing “Bon Voyage” to the crew of the Derry~Londonderry yacht which this Sunday will leave Southampton to begin a 40,000 mile Round the World Race as part of Clipper 11-12.  

“We know this is a huge challenge for them all,” says Harbour Master Bill McCann, “but they have had superb training from the Clipper team and we are confident that they are up to the challenge.”

 Harbour Commissioner Roy Devine, who will join the race in New York for the final leg, says he is thinking particularly about the 10 crew members who are taking the entire round the world trip. “It is a huge undertaking and I really respect them for it.  I also send best wishes to the whole crew and hope they race well and race safely.”

 The Derry~Londonderry yacht take 11 months to cross 15 seas and oceans before completing their arduous journey.  The 8-leg race, which stops over at Derry in the final leg, is made up of 15 individual races, and boats score points mainly for how they perform in each of these races (10 points for first, 1 for last etc).  The Clipper Trophy goes to the yacht with the highest total at the Finish Line in July 2012.    

Find out more about the Derry Londonderry team at or follow the team on Facebook at Derry-Londonderry Clipper 11-12.