NI company Re-gen Waste says recycling is vital to the NI economy because it can save money and create jobs.  Managing Director Joseph Doherty was speaking at the company’s Newry plant, during a visit by Environment Minister Edwin Poots. 


“We are delighted to welcome the Minister to Re-Gen’s dry recycling facility. Companies like ours make a practical contribution to the Northern Ireland economy, as well as hitting “green” targets. There is a concrete financial value when every tonne of paper recycled saves the energy required to heat a home for 6 months and prevents 17 trees being cut down.  Recycling isn’t just waste management – its proper resource management.”


“Here at Re-Gen, a state-of-the-art automated sorting line is overseen by a team of up to 85 operatives.  They guarantee that all materials passing through the facility are separated to the highest of standards, thus reducing the amount of waste going to landfill by up to 30%”  Mr Doherty added that it is “cheaper to recycle paper & aluminium than it is to create new materials. Recycled drinks cans are worth up to £840 per tonne, creating jobs and making a significant contribution to the local economy.”


Mr Doherty says that recycling is not just a matter of managing waste but of managing resources effectively.  “Our roots are in construction, so we take a pragmatic approach.  We researched the best global technologies available, used these to design and build the plant ourselves and have created a real and viable business. We’ve been hands-on and focused on the future all the way.  Now we’re working with our clients and others to reduce waste efficiently.”


Wed 10th November 2010