Teagasc Forestry

Case Study


The Project

Steven Meyen is the Forestry Development Worker for Teagasc. The network of farmers and forestry owners he needs to engage with is spread far and wide, so online communication – including using of social media – is a vital part of his work.

He doesn’t have time to attend long courses or training events which aren’t 100% relevant to him. He needed to update his skills on a focused way which addressed his exact needs.

The Response

Inis Communications worked with Steven to design a course which met his precise requirements.

  • We established his exact needs
  • We did the research and preparation necessary to design customised one-to-one training which would address the issues he faces.
  • We delivered the training in-house

The Results

Through our custom-designed training exercises and tools, Steven found practical ways to resolve social media problems and issues he had been facing.

Our training also showed him shortcuts and tips to make delivering his web and social media content more smoothly and time efficient.

Steven now had solutions to issues which had been slowing down his work and hampering his communications with his forestry network.

He was also now able to save time and effort on his social media and harness its benefits more effectively.


In addition, we saved him time attending a range of training events which may not have addressed the precise issues he faced.

I found the training very worthwhile: I was able to apply what I learned in my work. Training content was very well prepared making the training more focused and effective.

Steven Meyen

Forestry Development Officer, Forestry features writer for the Farming Independent , Teagasc

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