Spraoi agus Spórt

Case Study

Spraoi agus Sport

The Project

Inis Communications delivered a PR campaign for the Spraoi agus Spórt Arise project in 2022. This project aimed to raise their profile, increase audience reach and promote key social enterprise messages.

The Response

We worked closely with Spraoi agus Spórt chief executive Helen Nolan and her team to create a detailed campaign Action Plan. This plan addressed and involved key messages and audience reach, website content and redevelopment, social media, news releases, videos and graphics.

Key campaign elements included:

  • Creating Impact Stories to demonstrate the effectiveness of their work
  • Crafting a series of news releases. These promoted their profile and services and communicated key messages about Spraoi agus Spórt and about social enterprise
  • Working with them to create a brief for the redevelopment of their website.
  • Using the website pages and News posts, as a base for social media
  • Creating custom videos and graphics
  • Measuring and evaluating the campaign

The Results

Our 4-month campaign for Spraoi agus Spórt reached combined audiences of close to 5m and secured media coverage worth multiples of the cost of the PR.

Key gains included:

A 4.7m Combined Audience Reach

Over €120,000 worth of media coverage secured

A 48% increase in Organic Website Traffic

Over 47% increase in the amount of time people spent on their website (Session Duration)

Compared to the Mar-Jun ’21 period, our Mar-Jun ‘22 campaign secured

A 1.1m rise in Press Reach

It rose to 1.2m in 2022,
up from 86.5k in 2021 Reach

A .9m rise in Online Media Reach

It rose to 1m in 2022, compared to a
2021 Reach of 35.9k

A 300,000 rise in Radio Reach

It rose to 366,000 in 2022,
compared to a 2021 Reach of 35.1k

A 745,000 rise in Twitter Reach

It rose to 1.2m in 2022
from 454.3k in 2021

A 778,000 rise in Facebook Reach

It rose to 1.2m,
up from 421.8k in 2021

Helen Nolan, CEO, Spraoi agus Sport

Inis Communications have revolutionised the way we do PR. Trish brought her vast experience to the table and ensured that our funding under the ARISE project was used effectively, to highlight the hugely important role Spraoi plays in our community. She took the time to understand our mission, our vision and our values and ensured that our passion and commitment to our community shines through on every press release and social media. Trish has ensured that the brand Spraoi agus Spórt – as a leading social enterprise – is recognised both locally and nationally. We can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Trish.

Helen Nolan

Co-Founder & Chief Executive, Spraoi agus Spórt

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