Bounce Back Recycling

Case Study


The Project

BBR is a recycling company whose primary aim is to divert as many mattresses away from landfill as possible. They are a social enterprise who provide job and training opportunities for travellers facing high barriers to employment. They provide a quality service for companies, councils and householders to recycle their unwanted waste.

The needed PR support for an ARISE-funded project, which aimed to raise their profile and increase audience reach. The project also aimed to boost demand for their recycling services and promote key social enterprise messages about BBR and the travelling community.

The Response

We worked closely with BBR Manager, Martin Ward and his team to create a detailed PR Strategy and Action Plan to implement it. This plan covered areas like key selling messages and audience reach, website content and SEO, news releases and media interviews.

Key campaign elements included:

  • Creating a series of regional news releases to run local media campaigns across western counties. These promoted their profile and services and communicated key messages about BBR, recycling, social enterprise and travellers.
  • Securing media interviews on local radio stations from Co Clare up to Donegal and over as far as Laois.
  • We worked with them and an SEO specialist to create a brief for the redevelopment of their website.
  • We created and edited website content to make it more Search Engine friendly
  • Measuring and evaluating the campaign

The Results

Our 4-month campaign for Bounce Back Recycling reached combined audiences of 1.3m and secured media coverage worth over €22,600.

Key gains included:

A 115% increase

in Website Users

A 107% increase

in Website Sessions

An 81.5% increase

in Page Views

A 1.3m Combined

Audience Reach

A 197,700

Radio Reach

A 22,000 Online

Media Reach

A 704,500

Press Reach

€22,600 worth of

Media Coverage secured

Audience Breakdown by Channel











Trish has provided Bounce Back Recycling with an excellent service over the last year. Her knowledge of the media is top notch which has helped us to attract a lot of media attention. She has also worked with us on our communications plan, and that has resulted in huge volumes of traffic to our social media platforms. I would highly recommend Trish and her team to anyone.

Martin Ward

Manager, Bounce Back Recycling

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