Social Media Plan

Is your social media posting a bit hit and miss?

Are you failing to get the right messages across to potential new customers?

Then take create a strategic approach with a detailed social media campaign plan.

The process is simple:
You sign up here for two one-to-one online consultation sessions with our skilled experts.

We work online with you to develop a detailed, strategic social media campaign plan to boost your business growth and maximise profits.

Cost of Module

450.00 for 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Business Need a Social Media Campaign Plan?

Social media can be demanding and time consuming to maintain. If it doesn’t appear to deliver anything for your business, it’s easy to dismiss it as a waste of time….

This could be a major error! Social media can grow your online audiences and direct customers to your website.

 The challenge is to create the right content which grows and engages your social media audiences. To do this, you can save time and post more effectively by creating the right strategic plan.

 So, we work with you to create a plan which covers content, target audiences, tagging, and hashtagging on a detailed schedule. And we’ll offer you lots of tips and tricks on content creation and time-saving tools!

How Does the Inis Communications Social Media Campaign Plan Work?

The social media campaign plan is an innovative online system which combines over 17 years of PR experience with practical tools to guide you forward.

You’re not just buying a template… You are securing the skills and expertise you need to create a realistic and practical social media campaign plan for promoting your business.

And the process is simple: you sign up here and we get in touch to book the first of your 2 sessions with us. Then we work online with you to review your existing social media content and create your customised campaign plan.  The plan will address your strategic business objectives, including target audiences and key messages.  

What’s Included in the Inis Communications PR Toolkit?

Cost of Module

450.00 for 1 year

The cost includes:

Two one-to-one online consultation sessions with our skilled experts

Review of your existing content sources, such as website pages, blogs, links/urls, photographs, graphics and video


Recommendations for new content sources to support your campaign

Creation of a customised interactive schedule to map your campaign, week by week or month by month

Set of selling messages which promote your business

Incorporates key selling messages and best ways to illustrate them