Full PR Toolkit

PR Strategy, PR Action Plan, Online Content Template, Website Brief, Social Media Plan

Take all 5 toolkit units together to add value and save money:

A PR Strategy to figure out the best ways to reach bigger audiences;

A practical PR Action Plan to implement it;

An Online Content Template to map your website, digital & social media content;

A Website Brief to guide you towards a website with better content & higher Google rankings.

Finally, a Social Media Campaign Plan which takes the hard work out of planning and preparing your posts more effectively.

The Full PR Toolkit

1,949.00 for 1 year

The Full PR Toolkit includes:


We work online with you to develop the right public relations strategy to boost your business growth and maximise profits.

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Next, we turn your PR strategy into a step-by-plan: working with you to create the tasks and schedule you need to implement it.

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It’s harder to get the website you want, if you don’t communicate your needs clearly to web developers. We work with you to create a detailed brief which meets your needs and budget.

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Struggle with what to say online to best promote your business? This interactive tool creates a content map & schedule for your website & social media.

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This interactive tool creates a detailed campaign plan for rolling out across your social media platforms. It takes a strategic approach to promoting your key messages.

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How We Use Our Tookit to Help Your Business

– One Example:

Our client was getting ready launch his new business in the tourism, adventure and marine sector. But he had no experience of marketing and only a small budget to promote it. Here’s how we used some of our Tookit Units, alongside additonal PR support services, to help him:

For example, these are the tasks we did for him:

Inis Communications started by working with him to draw up a PR Strategy, which he could realistically put into practice.
Then we created a PR Action Plan to help him implement the strategy.
Found a designer to create a logo and branding for the new business
To get him started with a strong online presence, we created a Website Brief which would meet his needs. After this, we helped secure affordable quotes from web developers. We oversaw the development of the site, and wrote and edited the text, so it matched what Google likes best.
To ensure he had good pictures for the website and social media, we helped him get quotes and secure a professional photographer
We set up his social media and got him started with posting until he was ready to take over himself.
Then we organised a PR event –which reached audiences of over 620,000 and secured media print and broadcast coverage worth over €27,000.

Next Steps… What happens when you buy our Toolkit?

Step 1

We contact you to arrange your first one-to-one consultation

Step 2

In the meantime, you automatically have a free one-year access to our Membership area, with tips, blogs, webinars and videos on promoting your business.


Step 3

From your first consultation, with us you can see and edit your toolkit online. We work with you to complete it during our sessions.


Step 4

Once we have finished working with you on your plans, you can keep editing and adapting them for a full year, inside your membership area.

Step 5

Need help to implement any of your PR plans? Just find out more about our other PR services and how they can assist you.

The Full PR Toolkit

1,949.00 for 1 year