PR Essentials Toolkit

PR Strategy, PR Action Plan

In a world where the competition for everyone’s attention couldn’t be greater, an expert strategic PR approach helps you reach the right audiences.

Combine this with a practical step-by-step PR Action Plan to ensure you implement your PR Strategy more easily and effectively.

The Essentials Toolkit

Original price was: €1,299.00.Current price is: €999.00.

The Essentials Toolkit includes:


We work online with you to develop the right public relations strategy to boost your business growth and maximise profits.

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Next, we turn your PR strategy into a practical step-by-plan of action to create a manageable tasks list and schedule to implement it.

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How We Use Our Tookit to Help Your Business

– One Example:

Our client wanted to promote her innovative new professional service to wider audiences in order to grow the business. But she had a limited budget and no in-house expertise in marketing or PR.

Here’s how we used some of our Toolkit modules, alongside additional PR support services, to help her:

Inis Communications started by working with her to draw up a PR Strategy, which reflected both her ambitions and her capacity to deliver it.

Then we created a practical PR Action Plan so she had clear steps to follow to implement the strategy. We also provided lots of support to help her deliver the PR Strategy.
We found her the ideal graphic designer to create a logo and branding for the new professional service.
A strong online presence was vital for the practice’s success. So, we created a Website Brief so she could redevelop her site to match the needs of her new service. After this, we helped secure affordable quotes from suitable web developers. We helped manage the development of the site and provided quality editorial content for it.
We managed the practice’s social media accounts to broaden their reach online.
We ran some PR for her, starting with some low-cost but high-value regional publicity. This reached combined audiences of over 309,400 in the space of just one month. The campaign secured radio and newspaper coverage with a PR value of over €32,000.
Over the following two years, we provided external PR support until the practice was big enough to hire internal expertise. PR is a great way to get your business to the next level!

Next Steps… What happens when you buy our Toolkit?

Step 1

We contact you to arrange your first one-to-one consultation

Step 2

In the meantime, you automatically have a free one-year access to our Membership area, with tips, blogs, webinars and videos on promoting your business.


Step 3

From your first consultation with us you can see and edit your toolkit online. We work with you to complete it during our sessions.


Step 4

Once we have finished working with you on your plans, you can keep editing and adapting them for a full year, inside your membership area.

Step 5

Need help to implement any of your PR plans? Just find out more about our other PR services and how they can assist you.

The Essentials Toolkit

Original price was: €1,299.00.Current price is: €999.00.