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Inis exPRtise™ PR Toolkit

5 Strategic Modules to transform your business marketing and boost growth.

The Inis exPRtise™ PR Toolkit is a unique and innovative way to make PR more accessible and affordable for small businesses who want to grow.

It offers a timesaving and transparently priced PR service to businesses who lack this essential part of the marketing mix.

We have distilled three decades of professional PR and media experience into this toolkit, which aims to revolutionise PR for Irish SMEs

The Inis exPRtise™ PR Toolkit is made up of 5 different modules.

These can be used individually or as part of a Toolkit bundle.

Inis communications--pr-strategy

PR Strategy Module



PR Action Plan Module


Inis ExPRtise Online Content Template

Online Content Template


Inis ExPRtise Website Brief

Website Brief



Social Media Plan


Not sure which PR Toolkit module is for you?

Not sure which PR Toolkit module is for you?

What our unique Toolkit Offers

An easily accessible, efficient and practical online PR toolkit that puts you in control

A transparent pricing structure – so no nasty surprises or open-ended budgets

5 separate strategic Modules which also work together to meet your business marketing needs

Not just a template… we share our experience and expertise to collaborate with you every step of the way

1:1 Mentoring access to our high levels of PR & journalism expertise

Creates the toolkit you need to plan and deliver authentic and organic marketing for your business

What gains will I make from using the Inis exPRtise™ PR Toolkit?

I’ll have a Simple Strategy
for Reaching Clear PR Goals

I will know what I want my business to achieve with PR and how to get there. My strategy will be based around what my team and I can realistically achieve within our resources.

I’ll have Practical Actionable Steps to Reach These Goals

I will have an easy-to-follow action plan for implementing my PR strategy. I will have a clear set of tasks and roles for me and my team to perform, based on a manageable timeline.

I’ll Know What Website Changes I Need to Boost Business

I will gain an understanding of what changes I need to make so our website performs more effectively. I will have a detailed brief for implementing these changes.

I’ll Know What to Say on My Website & Social Media

I will know how to create more engaging and consistent content for our website pages/posts and on our social media. I will have a detailed and relevant content map to guide me.

I’ll have a Detailed
Social Media Campaign Plan

I will learn what is involved in planning an effective and engaging social media campaign. I will have a practical, detailed but easy to follow plan, customised for my business.

I’ll have Essential & Timesaving PR Knowledge & Tools

I will gain in knowledge and confidence from 1-to-1 mentoring, saving time on training which does not meet my needs. I can adapt my toolkit templates to meet future needs.


Who created the Inis exPRtise™ PR Toolkit & why?

The Inis exPRtise™ PR Toolkit was created by media & PR expert Trish Hegarty to make PR more affordable and accessible for small businesses. Our toolkit is also ideal for public sector projects, social enterprises and not-for-profits on a tight budget. It provides a clear, focussed and practical path, customised to your specific business or project needs.

With each of our Toolkit products you’ll get 1:1 expert PR mentoring. So, you will gain from our many years of first hand media and PR experience and expertise.

Our clients love the Inis exPRtise™ PR Toolkit!


“The one-to-one mentoring and expertise available to us at Inis Communications was more than we ever expected. Trish provided not only expert advice, but working examples and practical templates.


Trish equipped us with all the tools needed to transform our business into an online presence needed for the modern world. To this day we use the tools and templates from Inis Communications in all our website publishing and social media interaction.

I could not recommend Inis Communications enough for a professional service as well as a relaxed learning environment.’”

Blaine McCarron

Sales & Technical
Eko Hoofcare


“I highly recommend the PR Toolkit as a practical tool to help you communicate to your ideal client or customer. Trish is highly experienced and was able to share a wealth of knowledge in developing the correct message and guiding me through the process.

PR is a tool that is often under utilised when developing a communication strategy for your business and this toolkit helps to simplify it.”




“Working with Trish on the PR Strategy was a game-changer for my business. Her vast expertise, combined with the interactive tools she’s developed, made crafting a comprehensive PR plan both efficient and straightforward.

The balance of personal mentoring with transparently priced PR services offers incredible value. I wholeheartedly recommend her toolkit to anyone looking to elevate their public relations game.”

Rickie Doherty

Owner/Director, Contact Centre


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Securing Media Coverage

Investing as little as €500 could secure you media coverage worth over €20,000

Quality Website Content

Our quality website content can boost your website’s Google rankings

Global Audience Reach

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