Irish travel writer and journalist Hugh Oram has gone online with his latest Offbeat Paris guide, which was launched today as an eBook on Amazon.   Like a spiral, the arrondissements wind around the heart of the French capital, and Offbeat Paris invites you to explore the iconic landmarks and the little-known venues of underground or historical interest, from Charvet shirts to artists’ squats.


Starting at Les Halles (1er) ending in the North East (20ème), the guide contains a comprehensive range of useful addresses and nearest Métro stations for museums, churches, famous hotels, galleries, restaurants, gardens, and parks. But more than this, it uncovers the soul of Paris by including sights like old passageways, markets, antique shops, bookshops, and weird and wonderful museums. Offbeat Paris encourages the visitor to explore all of the cultural sights of this famous city.


The historic passageways – known locally as Galeries or Passages – have retained all of Paris’s charm of yesteryears.  A few have been restored – like Passage du Grand Cerf – described as “the most stylish of all the tiny thoroughfares” by the author.


In Paris there is a museum for almost everything: Musée de la Publicité,  Musée de la Monnaie and they capture the soul of Paris.   And every arondissement has its own surprises.  For example, Musée Zadine near the Luxembourg Garden in 6ème arrondissement is a pleasure for those who love sculpture and quiet gardens. This guide also lists well-known and historical restaurants and hotels.  On foot from the Luxembourg Garden, don’t miss “Le Procope” – one of the oldest restaurants in the world.


Hugh Oram is an author, journalist and broadcaster living and working in Dublin.  He has written many travel, historical and documentary books, and has contributed extensively to such international travel editions as Berlitz, Fodor’s and Michelin.  He has written extensively about almost every region of France and many aspects of French life and has been a frequent visitor to Paris over the past 30 years.  Hugh has also broadcast on many diverse subjects for RTÉ Radio 1, and the BBC in Belfast. To buy his latest book, just click on: Offbeat Paris

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