Ireland’s first online PR service launches today (Mon 25th Sept), to fill a gap in the market for SMEs with limited time and budgets. Its creator, ex-BBC and Irish Times journalist Trish Hegarty of Inis Communications, says it offers high quality interactive tools combined with one-to-one expert mentoring.

“In the PR industry, we are always adapting to a constantly changing digital world. But before now, we haven’t really adapted the way we deliver the service,” says Trish.

“The Inis exPRtise™ PR Toolkit changes that and offers a timesaving and transparently priced PR service to businesses who lack this essential part of the marketing mix. We have basically distilled three decades of professional PR and media experience into this toolkit, which aims to revolutionise PR for Irish SMEs.”

Market research for the exPRtise PR Toolkit showed that over 75% of SME’s rarely or never use external PR but almost 50% of them are interested in an online PR toolkit with transparent pricing. Respondents also cited the expertise of the provider as one of the most important features of the online PR service.

“If you’re serious about growing your business, PR offers an authentic, organic, and highly effective way to reach target audiences,” says Trish.  The PR Toolkit offers five modules, which can be bought individually or in bundles. The modules provide practical, actionable tools and steps to achieve clear PR goals. It covers everything from strategic PR planning to helping clients improve their website or create relevant online content. “Most important, it is supported by one-to-one advice tailored to each individual business.”

Trish says the toolkit evolved from tools and templates she had developed over the years. “During Covid, I mentored over 30 businesses in one year who rapidly needed to improve their online presence. So, I had to adapt all my tools to provide a streamlined but quality service in a limited time frame.”

“Post-Covid, I realised we had a suite of tools we could develop into a new online service,” says Trish. “Ultimately, the exPRtise Toolkit has a universal appeal across industry sectors.”

Inis Communications received LEADER and Donegal Local Enterprise Office support to develop the toolkit. This included funding for technical work to integrate the tools into the Inis Communications website to create an interactive online service.

“LEADER is excited about this project, because it’s so innovative,” says Andrew Ward, Joint CEO of the Inishowen Development Partnership.  “The PR Toolkit is the first of its kind in Ireland or elsewhere. So, it has global export and franchising potential too.”

You can learn more about the exPRtise PR Toolkit at