It can be hard to help children cope with bereavement or loss – even those closest to them can struggle to support them through such a difficult process. That’s according to Deirdre Burke, spokesperson and founder of Arklow children’s charity, The Guardian Project.

The charity is hosting a special event to mark Irelands first ever National Bereaved Children’s Awareness Day, which takes place this Friday 20th November. “We are holding an information morning for parents, family, teachers, coaches, and all people involved in the care of young people in the community.”

“Bereavement and loss can effect children and young people in a variety of ways, and it is extraordinary have many children believe that they are alone in the experience. It can be hard for them to open up about their feelings and to adequately express their feelings. Often they are reluctant to burden a parent who is also grieving with their own loss, and so it can be helpful to have someone else to turn to.”

“We’re delighted that our keynote speaker for the morning is Brid Carroll, chairperson of the Irish Childhood Bereavement Network. At this seminar Brid will provide guidance and information on how to best and most effectively support children and young people through bereavement and loss.”

Deirdre says it’s best to register in advance for the event at or phone 0402-91477. “There is no admission fee but donations are welcome to support the work of The Guardian Project.”
The project offers support to local children who face special difficulties due to parental separation or bereavement. “When children come to the Guardian Project, they are given tools to help them cope with their individual situations,” says Deirdre. “They are helped to understand their feelings and to work out their anger, fears and anxieties; and they are given a safe space to speak and be heard.”

The centre provides counselling, therapy, play therapy and additional support services to children who are experiencing Parental Separation and Bereavement. “We also offer a year round dedicated Centre for the Rainbows Peer Support Programme for children.”

The Information Morning starts at 11.15am on Friday 20th November at The Guardian Project, 39 Wexford Road, Arklow, Co. Wicklow. To book, email or call 0402-91477. You can find them on Facebook at

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