Let me guess: you started another New Year with the firm resolution of getting your own blog up and running, but a month and a half later and you still haven’t got around to it……

Don’t give yourself a hard time, but do take some action to help you make progress.

Create your own blog schedule:

  • Select 12 topics – one for each month to get you started
  • Stick to the main issues which your customers raise with you
  • Focus on the areas of expertise you know best
  • Take account of seasonal factors, e.g. Valentine’s Day, Easter, exams, sales, summer, Christmas, New Year
  • Mix it up – try not to repeat the same theme two months in a row (unless you do a series)
  • Complete your schedule by allocating a topic to each month

And there you go, you have your blog plan for the year!  Take the next step by adding some bullet points to topic number one, fill each bullet point with a few lines, write a catchy intro spelling out what you intend to cover – and you’re off…..

For further details, check out my earlier blogs on content and style/structure.

Happy Blogging!