Blogs are a great way to show your prospective clients or customers how much you know and how valuable your expertise can be to them. If you have a business website, developing a blog can increase traffic to your site as much as traditional SEO techniques.

Why You Should Blog on Facebook

Let’s say you know all this, and you want to blog but you can’t because:

  • You have a website but you don’t a blog or news page on it
  • You don’t have any other blog platform
  • You don’t even have a website and can’t afford one at present

There is one simple solution –use your Facebook page as a platform to create short blog-style posts. You can then use Twitter, LinkedIn etc to post links to your FB ‘blog’.

Posting Your Blog on Facebook

Here’s how:

  1. Write your mini-blog: I suggest one short opening summary paragraph and maximum 3 bullet points, then finish off with a link to your website and/or your contact details.
  2. Log in to your Facebook on your desktop or PC – I’ll explain why in a minute – and then post the mini-blog.
  3. Next, you need to create the URL link to this post – unfortunately you can’t do this from your iPad or Smartphone app at present.  You find it by clicking on the time/date of posting on your desktop – see illustrated above.
  4. Copy the link and then paste to your social media e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Hootsuite with a short snappy headline.

Happy blogging!

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