Why PR should be part of your business marketing strategy…

PR is a cost-effective and authentic way to reach bigger audiences and boost your business sales and profits. So forget the myth that it’s  just for corporates, celebrities and political spin doctors….


PR uses print, broadcast, online, website and social media content to promote your business to wider audiences. It’s a more authentic, organic way to talk to potential customers. It can deliver a bigger reach for a smaller spend, compared to other business marketing methods.


If you lack the time or skills to promote your business, our expertise and experience can help you. We’ve provided high performance PR services to small businesses, professional practices & public bodies since 2004. You can rely not just on our skills and integrity, but also on our creativity, passion and commitment to you.


We create authentic and engaging content to promote your business in the media and online world. We take a strategic approach to your PR. This helps to secure more media coverage, bigger social media audiences and higher Google rankings for your website, to boost your business growth.


   We combine our media & PR experience with our passion & creativity to give you a voice. Our innovative online PR toolkit combines our expertise with a streamlined way of working & transparent pricing. It’s an accessible way for SME’s, professional practices, public & social bodies to try PR for marketing their business.

What PR Can Do For SME’s

How PR Can Help Your Practice Grow


I’m Trish, founder of Inis Communications

We pride ourselves on securing great results for small businesses, professional practices and public sector projects. We help shape an authentic voice that’s a comfortable fit for you and your brand. Then we make sure that voice is heard – with higher media profiles, wider audience reach, and better website rankings to boost your business.


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How to Issue a Press Release

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