With the full Clipper Race fleet now assembled in Derry, Foyle Marina is basking in a bit of the media spotlight! This is great news for marine tourism in the city and the region, because it can boost leisure traffic to Lough Foyle.

The marina is owned and run by Foyle Port, who manage marine operations and shipping for Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners.  Harbour Master Bill McCann has this week already done interviews for BBC Radio Foyle (on Mark Patterson’s live Outside Broadcast on Monday), for UTV, for RTE Nationwide and has another scheduled for RTE Radio 1’s Seascapes programme. Both RTE programmes are special Clipper Race features and will include a range of other key people from Derry and the Clipper crew.

Catch RTE Nationwide on RTE 1 – TV – at 7pm this Friday and RTE Seascapes on RTE Radio 1 also on Friday, at 10.30pm.