St Michael’s House in Templeogue House has been celebrating the work of community member and artist Martin Davis, at a special exhibition in their Training Centre. The exhibition, entitled “Clown Thoughts” represents 3 years of Martin’s work, says Paul O’Hare, the art teacher at the centre who works with Martin, and set up the exhibition .

“It’s truly a remarkable experience to witness Martin’s at work. He gently holds his paintbrush like a magic wand and using only the smallest amount of paint, he manages to burnish up a blaze of colour before us,” says Paul.

44 year old Martin, who has Down Syndrome, has been attending St Michael’s House since his childhood and began painting in 2005.

“I am delighted that his great talent in painting can be showcased at last to the centre, St. Michael’s House and especially to the Community,” says the manager of the Templeogue Training Centre, Stephen Hennessy.

“Feedback so far has been truly excellent,” says Paul O’Hare. “Many who see the work for the first time are greatly inspired by all the colour and abstract nature of the collection and had not really appreciated Martin’s talent in this artistic domain.”

​Martin’s brother, Paul Davis, says the exhibition is about “getting the chance to show off his work and receive the acknowledgement and positive feedback from everyone who can ‘affirm’ his talent and abilities thus breaking down preconceived ideas about what it is possible for people with intellectual disabilities to accomplish in life.”

The exhibition continues for the next few weeks at Templeogue Training Centre, St Michael’s House, Templeogue, opposite Cheeverstown House, Templeogue.