Damien and Elaine McKayIf you want value for money from your home or business property insurance, then don’t wait until catastrophe strikes – find out NOW how to make a claim.  That’s the advice of Donegal property claims business HD McKay – who today launched a free guide on preparing your insurance claim.  

“If you can’t provide the right information about a claim from a house fire, break in, flood or storm damage, then you could be offered settlements well below what you are entitled to, or even turned down” says managing director, Elaine McKay. 

 “For example, a householder had his fire claim rejected by his insurers, but by providing the right proof of his entitlement, we negotiated a settlement of over €135,000,” says Elaine. 

“Understanding how the system works and what technical evidence is needed, helps to secure your claim and can increase your settlement.    On behalf of a client with a burst pipe, we negotiated a settlement of €47,500 – up from the original offer of €30,000, and had contractors on site less than two weeks later.”

 Elaine says it’s not just about the money – people want help with all the hassle and work involved in the whole process of getting their home and business back to normal.   People’s lives are very busy so time is very scarce, and it makes a big difference if you can hand most of the work over to independent experts who can co-ordinate the repairs and ensure you get what you are entitled to.” 

At HD McKay, the claims are managed by Chartered Engineer Damien McKay and his team of qualified loss assessors.  They prepare a full schedule of the damage with costs.  “Providing this kind of detailed information helps your claim, because you are basically giving them independent and expert evidence of the extent of the damage,” says Damien.   

“At the end of the day, it is up to you to provide proof about the cause and extent of the damage, and the cost of repairs, and you have to prove you have complied with their terms and are entitled to claim,”  say Damien and Elaine McKay. “We launched our new online guide to help people through this process.”

 The new HD McKay book, “Guide to preparing your insurance claim”, can be downloaded free from www.insuranceclaimassessors.com

 To celebrate the launch of the guide, Elaine says they are offering 3 homeowners and 2 business owners the chance to win a free Survey and Calculation of what their insurance cover should be.  To enter the draw, just download the free guide at www.insuranceclaimassessors.com