Derry Well Women is delighted to announce that our next Antenatal Classes will begin on Tuesday 3rd October from 7pm – 9pm for 4 weeks.

Courses co-ordinator with Derry Well Women, Patricia Villa, says these informative evening classes are for all pregnant women of 32 weeks and over, and their birthing partner.  “The classes are led by a qualified midwife but the approach is fairly informal.”

What the Antenatal Classes Cover.

Within the 4 sessions, topics for discussion will include:


Recognising the signs and symptoms of labour.

Practical advice – breathing and relaxation techniques.

Pain Relief

Alternative remedies

Medical options

Coping techniques

Breathing and relaxation techniques

Infant Feeding

Practical facts and benefits of naturally feeding your baby

Baby Bath

A practical demonstration when available of an actual baby bath!

Going home with your baby

Advice on how to recognize “Baby Blues” and “Post-Natal Depression”

Includes ‘The Joy of Parenthood’ –  getting it right!

Feedback from the Antenatal Classes

Susan Gibson, Manager of Derry Well Women, says they are delighted with the positive feedback they get from these antenatal classes. Here are some comments from women who have taken part:

“We thought the antenatal class was fantastic.  It helped us deal with the fear of the unknown and every bit of information we got we used to reassure ourselves during labour”.

“Dympna has a lot of experience and sets a very relaxed and open atmosphere during the class.  The whole course was hugely beneficial to us.”

“The information from the course is clear and thorough and every question we had was answered with patience and clarity.  Highly recommended”

“A wee text to let you know our baby boy was born at 8.43 am weight 7lbs 8 1/2 oz in labour for 5 hrs 13 mins and No Pain Relief!!!!!”

How to Apply for Antenatal Classes

These classes are funded and are therefore free for those taking part.  However, due to big demand, we advise that you book in advance in order to secure a place.

To book a place just contact Derry Well Women Centre on 028 7136 0777.

 About Derry Well Women

Derry Well Women is a not-for-profit centre which offers health and social care services to women of all ages in a welcoming, relaxed, safe and confidential space. We were founded in 1989 by a group of local women who wanted to provide alternative health services to women in the north-west, which met their wider health and social care needs and which filled gaps in existing local services.

 Our approach is holistic – based on meeting your physical, mental and emotional needs, with the help of our health, well-being and social care experts. And this approach works! We are an award-winning centre of excellence, respected by health professionals and used by over 2,000 women each year.

Our services cover areas as diverse as cancer, mental health, and fitness, to parenting, breastfeeding support, miscarriage, and menopause. We deliver our services via clinics, programmes, courses, classes, support groups and counselling and other one-to-one services.

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