Derry Well Women is delighted to announced that we are to receive funding of almost £63,000 from BBC Children In Need. The funding will support the delivery of child care services for children aged 0-4, whose mothers are receiving support from our centre.


“Mothers of young children who use our services, benefit from the support of child care services,” says Derry Well Women manager, Susan Gibson. “The project will provide fun and play opportunities to the children, encouraging their emotional and social development as well as developing their skills and abilities.”


Derry Well Women is a not-for-profit registered charity, which aims to improve the health and well-being of women, families and communities in the North West. “We do this by offering holistic care for women’s physical, mental and emotional health, with services ranging from clinics and support groups, to classes, courses and specialised programmes,” says Susan.


“Our services cover areas as diverse as cancer, mental health, and fitness, to parenting, breastfeeding support, miscarriage and menopause.  So that mothers can access these services, we offer child care at the centre.”


“Our child care services are dedicated to providing a welcoming, attractive and stimulating play environment. Through play we work to help the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of all babies and toddlers.


A wide range of structured and free play opportunities are provided. We provide a variety of equipment, materials and activities for different ages and stages along with multi-cultural and diversity toys which enable the children to explore diversity. We provide a wide range of recycled materials to encourage heuristic play. Parents receive a small development booklet which shows in picture and story how each child has developed during their time with us.


We also have a small garden where children can gain first hand experience of growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Children are also able to enjoy outside play using natural materials.