The Harbour Commissioners have launched a range of additional brands to “reflect the expanding and diversified range of activities conducted by  the port and to assist in the drive to further build on its current strength ” according to Chairman, Mr Garvan O’Doherty. The launch took place at Timber Quay in alongside the River Foyle.  

The chairman underlined the economic importance of the port’s role in the North West region.  “The value of trade passing through the port now stands at an estimated at £1.4 billion, providing employment for over 1,000 people.”  

Mr O’Doherty said he was delighted that Deputy First Minister, Mr McGuinness, was able to join them for the launch of the additional brands and congratulated the port on generating and reinvesting strong profits “to ensure that the port’s viability is secured for future generations.”

“We want to consolidate the importance of the parent entity of Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners whilst broadening our corporate identity to effectively communicate our range of commercial services to local stakeholders, the community and our customer base local, national and international” said the Chairman. 

“The Institution of the Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners will be depicted by the refreshed Coat of Arms and Company Seal. This conveys our historical significance as one of the leading organisations in the North West region since 1854’’.  

 “The additional brands to be introduced are Foyle Port, Foyle Marine Services and Foyle Consulting Engineers,” the launch was told by Chief Executive Mr Brian McGrath.  This branding has been designed to convey a fresher cutting edge image to communicate how the port relates to the local community on the Foyle, our workforce and customers.” 

“Foyle Port represents the day-to-day river operations of managing shipping through our imports and exports across our quays. Foyle Consulting Engineers represents our consultancy division, and Foyle Marine Services covers our river conservancy and external marine work for other ports such as dredging services.”

An extensive consultation was entered into with the assistance of Port and Harbour Commissioner, Professor Dolores O’Reilly.  “Openness and transparency with our employees, customers, local community representatives and politicians were fundamental parameters we set ourselves,” said Professor O’Reilly,  “to ensure the Port developed a family of brands that reflected all interests.’’ 

The additional branding was officially launched by schoolchildren from Culmore and Strathfoyle in Derry and Moville in Inishowen, Co Donegal, who released 1,000 balloons over the Foyle to mark the occasion. 

“The additional branding will be seen during the week of the Clipper homecoming – an important week for us as Host Port – and should soon be familiar to the people of Derry,” said the CEO.  

“The port’s area of responsibility extends from Craigavon Bridge to a line between Magilligan Point and Greencastle, where our pilot station is based,” added Mr McGrath . “We wanted the communities of the Foyle region to be represented in our inclusive branding and are delighted to have these children celebrate our new look with us.”

“It is our job to ensure a strong and vibrant legacy for future generations and these local children represent the future.”


 From Left: Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioner Professor Dolores O’Reilly, Chief Executive Brian McGrath, Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, and Chairman Garvan O’Doherty