Innovative Donegal hotel bookings company, AccuBook, have officially opened their new premises at the Donegal Town Enterprise Centre.  “Our team has more than doubled in the last four years to 16 staff today, so we needed more space,” says general manager, Gerry Haughey.

“These new premises can accommodate our team and provide space for future growth.” The company has ambitious plans to expand in the Vietnam market in 2024 and are already establishing a presence there. AccuBook are extending their presence in the French market too.

“We were one of the first on the market with the AccuBook online hotel bookings product in 2003,” says Gerry Haughey.  “Since then, we have extended across Irish and UK markets. Last year we officially opened a company in France and have acquired over 100 customers there.”

“It’s 20 years since AccuBook launched, and we’re still innovating to meet the needs of the hospitality industry.  We now offer hotels a way to integrate their booking systems with internal systems like property management, web tools and other booking platforms.”

Gerry says this makes work a lot easier for hotel staff. “Our ‘GuestDiary’ system helps these staff to manage everything with just one piece of software instead of having to buy three or four. For example, if a customer walks through the Guesthouse door to check in, GuestDiary automatically tells Expedia/ and Airbnb that the room is no longer available.”

In addition to specialised software for hotel bookings and management, AccuBook has created a GuestDiary ‘University’. Gerry Haughey says this University has a special suite of training tools that enables their customers to train and become certified as ‘GuestDiary Ninjas’. “We have already created a pool over 500 ‘Ninjas’ that are specialists in the GuestDiary software.

“The certified training helps the Hotel Reservations Manager/Receptionist use the software in their job. However, it’s also popular because these staff can also use the qualifications gained to ‘build out’ their CV.”

AccuBook has three sales staff serving the UK and Ireland, two for the French market along with two sales agents in Vietnam, says Gerry.Expansion into France and Asia has meant employing more staff and we were delighted to be able to secure new premises in the Donegal Town Enterprise Centre, Lurganboy, Donegal Town.”

Gerry Haughey says he and his team are looking forward to lots of new opportunities in 2024 from their new base.

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