Like most good business people, you probably understand that you need to post regular and relevant content to your social media because it boosts traffic to your website.  In addition to SEO, regular quality content on your social media also raises your business profile to specific target audiences.

So what happens when your content doesn’t meet your objectives?  You need to consider outsourcing your social media posting if:

  1. No-one in the business has time to do it properly so the posts are regularly well past their sell-by date
  2.  You have assigned a junior staff member to do the posting but are not happy that their content reflects your business as it should
  3.  You have a staff member doing your posts really well…..but they spend far too much time on it and it’s costing your business too much as a result.


So perhaps it’s time to outsource, but what should you look for and how much should you pay?

  • You need to find someone who writes quality content for social media and websites and is good at writing catchy one-liners.
  •  They need to have a good understanding of what works on social media generally, and have a nose for news, so a journalism background is a big plus.
  •  They also need to understand the differences between the social media platforms and their audiences e.g. that what’s great on Twitter or Facebook may be wrong for Linked In.
  •  In terms of cost, estimate how much it would reasonably cost in staff time every day and make sure you are paying less than that.
  •  In terms of content, they should provide you with a clear map of what they intend to post which meets your marketing needs.
  •  Get a package that is suited to your needs and review regularly to make sure you are getting what you need.