3 easy ways Hootsuite can save you time on social media posting

Hootsuite is a free-source social media scheduling tool and more. Yes, you can choose a paid upgrade but the free level is just fine for most small businesses.  Set up your account from www.hootsuite.com and then use these simple steps to save you time and boost your efficiency on social media:


  1. Scheduling posts to more than one social media:

Once you have added your social media, go to the Streams tab and write your messages in the top left hand corner. If you are adding a link, paste it into the box and Hootsuite will shorten it for you. Select the social media you want to post to from the dropdown menu top centre:

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Don’t forget that Hootsuite is a great way of checking all your social media from one platform instead of jumping in and out of apps or sites…..

  1. Checking and editing scheduled messages

Once you have scheduled your messages, you can select Publisher and then Scheduled Messages from the menu on the left and check them. You can also edit content or change time/days from here.

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  •         3. Looking back at past messages for adapting and re-posting

Staying in Publisher, check your past scheduled messages this is a handy way of checking if you have been doing enough or reminding yourself of what you have been posting about. You can also re-use old posts in the future – simply repost the same message or edit it and re-use the same links.

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